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Home Work T Zone

Home Work T Zone

t-zone abs

Home Work T Zone

To Zone in and flatten our lower abdominals. To be specific Transversus Abdominals.


If you have ever been to a Pilates class, you would have heard the word T-ZONE over and over again!

Let’s get this mystery body part revealed! Your T-Zone, hip to hip bone, tie up the shoe lace, zip it up, in Pilates we are mentioning your transverse abdominis and your pelvic floor muscles. They are the muscles of your core which support your lower back and help to flatten the stomach.

Let’s get into a habit and practice this every day.

Literally draw a capital letter T on the lower part of your stomach – the vertical line from your pubic bone up towards your belly button, the horizontal line from hip bone to hip bone.

Place two fingers inside of your hip bones. Here you will feel a bit of tension later on – your T-Zone. This step is optional after you learned to activate your T-Zone.

To engage your T-Zone, start by internally drawing up the vertically line using your pelvic floor muscles (imagine you are zipping up a pair of jeans), then tighten across from hip bone to hip bone as if you are pulling them closer together (doing up the button).

For guys sometimes the following description works better: imagine going for a swim into the ocean or sea and water is pretty cold. You are walking into the water and then when water reaches your hips…Something happens I was told. This is how you would feel, this is what actually happens when you draw your pelvic floor up. Now hold it.


Tightening and strengthening your T-Zone has amazing benefits, and it’s not just for the Pilates fanatics – this is for everyday life! Practise activating your T-Zone throughout your day, at every traffic light, at your desk at work, whenever you remember.

What are the benefits?
Your core is about more than just your abs, it’s your body’s powerhouse! Not only does it facilitate movement, but it also houses your inner organs and central nervous system – in other words it helps you do just about everything. Here are just a few benefits of building a strong core:

  1. Balance and stability
  2. Injury prevention
  3. Strong, confident posture
  4. protects inner organs and central nervous system
  5. Banishes back pain

With daily practice you will feel the difference in everyday life and get more out of your PMP Studios Pilates session.

Happy T-Zoning



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