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Introducing the Bacpillow to PMP Studios

Introducing the Bacpillow to PMP Studios

PMP Studios have now introduced the Bacpillow to many of our clients with positive feedback.

Below Is information from bacpillow.com.au explaining why I like this great product.

What is the Bacpillow?


Your back pain could be a thing of the past. The unique shape of the Back Abs Core pillow relaxes your spine and fires up deep core muscles. With some specific, basic exercises while lying on the BACpillow you will strengthen your back ready for your full and vibrant life.

A strong, healthy back needs strong muscles supporting it. With the back pillow you can be sure you are using those key muscles every time you workout. The back pillow offers exceptional head, neck and upper back support. It is a light weight pillow especially designed to work your lowercore muscles including the abdominal muscle called the Transverse Abdominis (TA).

About Bacpillow

Want to be free of back pain forever?

Strong, toned, lower back and abdominal muscles (your core) can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

Be rid of back spasms when you move. Be able to pick things up, rollover in bed, put your socks on, and stand for periods of time without pain.

The BACpillow makes getting you there much easier. When you lie on the BACpillow for your core exercises you know you are getting the best results because you can feel the muscles working the way they are meant to.

Your neck is comfortable; your back well supported. The BACpillow places your spine in the best alignment for working your core muscles. With some simple yet very effective exercises, you do the rest.

If you would like to have some more info on this great Australian Product go to


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