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Ice or Heat

Ice or Heat

To Heat or to Ice

Seemingly the age old question that often arises after an injury or particularly strenuous Pilates class, do I have a hot shower and use a heat pack on the aching muscles or do I have a cold shower and use an ice pack to recover faster?

Unfortunately, whilst not definitive the best answer we can give is: It depends.

Any kind of cold therapy (cold shower, ice pack) will numb the local area, including inflammation and swelling giving you an instant relief in pain. The best time to use ice is if you get a shooting pain during or immediately after your exercise and up to 48 hours after if the pain is still persisting.

If you are dealing with a little post Pilates muscular soreness, often times the best remedy is a nice warm bath and/or heat pack (with a wine or two thrown in for good measure J)

The jury is still out on the hot vs. cold debate, but a little of both and keeping moving will go a long way to better health and wellness.

To keep yourself moving make sure you book yourself into our reformer class with new class times now up for summer.

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