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Your First Pilates Class with PMP Studios.

Your First Pilates Class with PMP Studios.


The first time you step into a Pilates studio can be quite intimidating. Taking mindful small baby steps will result in better understanding as your classes progress.

Looking around at all the equipment, you wonder just how your body will contort itself to work on those machines. While the friendly and knowledgeable staff at PMP Studios will certainly make you feel welcome, here a few things you can expect from your first Pilates class.

Mat or Reformer

Your Pilates class will take place on either the Pilates mat or reformer. The Pilates mat is a great place to learn all the fundamental movements and Pilates Principles while giving you a great workout. You will build strength and confidence on the Pilates mat.

The Pilates reformer is a piece of resistance equipment that allows you to work very precisely to develop good strength, alignment and flexibility.

What to wear to class

When getting dressed for your first Pilates class, you should consider loose clothing that allows you to move and stretch freely. While loose is great, baggy is not. Your Pilates instructor will need to see your body’s alignment which is difficult with baggy clothing. There are also a few Pilates exercises that could reveal a little more than you would like if you were to wear baggy clothing. J

Pilates is performed in socks and you can purchase special grip socks that are made especially for Pilates.

When arriving to class

When you arrive to class, make sure you arrive early to give yourself time to take off your shoes and any accessories and start warming up. Make sure you let your instructor know of any injuries or changes in your body that may affect your workout. Ask questions if needed, but make sure you don’t use the class as a social gathering and listen to your instructor as they take you through your session. This will give you the most benefit from the class.  Above all, have fun and enjoy yourself.

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