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Six Principles of Pilates

Six Principles of Pilates

Ever wondered how Reformer Pilates can help you? Lets take you down the 6 key principles of pilates.

1. Centering

All Pilates movements are from the centre of your body, also referred as the powerhouse area. The powerhouse is between the lower ribs and the pubic bone. Having a strong centre enables you to understand the focal point of any exercise.

2. Concentration

Concentration is used in every day life and actives, This principle calls for absolute attention and awareness of the entire body. Controlling your own mind commands the body to extremely focus on performing the exercise correctly and at full potential. After practice your body will understand the movements without too much thought.

3. Control

The inventor of Pilates, Joseph pilates originally named control as “Contrology”. It is to emphasise the importance of the correct and controlled execution of each movement. In each and every movement done during pilates you have to be in control of your body instead of mercy.

4. Precision

Quality over Quantity – who else lives by this? Well this is what precision means in Pilates. Executing every movement with deliberate exactitude is more important than executing repetitively but in poor manner.

5. Breathing

Have you ever noticed that you hold your breathe during exercise? Breathing is essential in pilates and its method. Controlling respiration with deep exhalations during exercise helps activate muscles and maintain focus. Each movement is connect with the right breathing movement. Using the correct breathing pattern during exercises will encourage focus and concentration

6. Flow

Pilates is about flowing each movement instead of having them being jerky or static. The flow during pilates will help your every day life and instruct you to have a “take it as it comes” approach.

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